For Writers.

We have an in-depth understanding of animal behaviour from elephants to Eagles. Sharing this knowledge at the scriptwriting stage can not only create an animal character on screen that audiences never forget, it can also save production thousands.

We love to hear from writers and creatives in a productions embryonic stage.

When animals are a part of the story we have found that the earlier consultation with us begins, the smoother pre-production and filming will be and the more value the animal can be. An early discussion with an animal behaviourist can be the initial spark for animal casting and animal action ideas that turn a cute dog scene into a valuable storytelling tool.

When we first read a script or talk with a writer or other creative we focus heavily on the emotional set point of the story and why the animal has been written in where it has. Understanding the background and mood of the overall story and each scene helps us create an animal character that will supports your story on a very deep level and will never be forgotten.

What a ride it was working with this mob and being a part of Australian film history. Top End Wedding, Goalpost Pictures.

Where our expertise can help:

  • review any animal action in a draft screenplay from a trainer’s point of view and explain how easily (or difficult!) achieving this action could be.
  • chat about a potential concept with an animal character and gain a better understand of natural behaviour so your writing is realistic and believable
  • have a conversation about what is possible and achievable with film animals.
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