For Actors.

Landed a role with an animal cast member?

Our cats, Todd River & Birdie shared the role of “Captain Thunderbolt
with the divine Lucy Lawless in Season 1 of “My Life is Murder”.

If you are feeling some anxiety about acting alongside an animal, we can help. No matter how good an actor you are to a human eye, animals can smell discomfort a mile off, which can sometimes make key scenes very difficult to get.

Sometimes actors have some anxiety about animals based on a previous bad experience. Being up front about this is really key, we can help put you a ease around our animals.

Too many times we have heard actors in interviews say “never work wth children or animals”. We would like to challenge that myth by showing what a professional animal team should look like.

If you have an upcoming production with an animal please feel free to contact us. We are happy to talk things through and help put you at ease.

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