Professionally trained animals for the Australian entertainment industry

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We are passionate about preparing confident, well trained animals, specialising in lead animal characters.  

We Do Animals pty. ltd.

You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from a Goldfish.

With experience of over 40 year, spanning from Insects to elephants, we have had the blissful opportunity to work with many of the incredible animals that call this planet home. As animal trainers and wranglers in the film industry, we use this experience everyday. 

At script development stage, we offer insights into the natural behavioral repertoire of the species in question, creating believable animal action on screen.

In pre-production we provide scheduling advise to AD’s to maximize the use of the animals, provide regular video updates to the creative team and of course, train our animals to the script

During production we are on set with the rest of you working to make the magic happen during the work hours and feeding, cleaning and often sharing a bed while the camera stops.

We liken ourselves to puppeteers and love creating behaviours and actions that evoke an emotional response from our audience, firmly establishing the animals as strong characters within each story. 

We all know it’s Jim Henson that brings kermit to life…the only difference is that we put our hands in our food pouches.

Be you a writer, producer, director, actor or animal lover, we hope you gain some knowledge from these pages. 

Please get in touch with any questions or queries.

Peta & Bec

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